Manuka Honey

Manuka 10+ (MGO360) 500g - Plastic

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Rich, spicy & earthy, this honey has a higher medicinal rating and available in plastic

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Manuka Honey


This Manuka is our highest rated available now, being an 12.2NPA (MGO360)
When the Manuka flowers in early spring, its all go!
The first of our native shrubs to flower, in drifts of pure white, like snow over the hills and valleys, so the bees must be ready and in top performance to bring in this precious nectar. 
Every Apiary gives us a different rating, so all the Manuka batches are Laboratory tested.
The nectar is Amber in colour and jelly like in texture, so more difficult to extract, but well worth the effort.
The taste is rich, spicy caramel with a definite earthiness, the benefits are too numerous to mention here !
Clinical studies have proven it to be Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory, also naturally supporting wound healing and reducing the risk of infection.  Most commonly used as an immunity booster and at the slightest hint of a cold or sore throat, taken by the spoonful,  it will instantly soothe and heal.
This Manuka is of a higher concentration of the medicinal methyglyoxal activity.
Available in plastic as well for lighter safer handling and good for travelers.
(Please request  "plastic" on the Note section when ordering, if required)


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