Our Story

Welcome to Mahurangi Honey, a small Beekeeping business with apiaries situated on different sites, in the beautiful Mahurangi West Peninsular, including local regional parks.  
 We harvest raw, pure honey in January, which is bottled directly after it has been taken from the hives.  This process allows us to retain all of the fresh, natural properties and goodness found in this delicious golden nectar.  We sell our honey directly to the public at local Farmers Markets in Orewa and Parnell and we also supply a few local food outlets in Orewa, Warkworth and Matakana. 
 We use traditional and organic Beekeeping practices, which means nothing is wasted.  After harvest we clean and melt the wax; and make balms, polishes and candles, which are also available at our market stall.    We dabble in Mead making too, using second grade honey, experimenting with different flavours sourced from home grown fruits and berries - perfecting the brew each season!
 Beekeeping has been a life long hobby turned lifestyle, we are passionate about and committed to.  It has now turned into a small Artisan business with hives situated close to home, reducing the carbon footprint...  Beekeeping keeps us busy and keeps things simple.  
 We feel very fortunate to be able to do something so beneficial to the well-being of others, ourselves and our world.  And most importantly,  we do it all for the love of bees...