Kanuka Honey

The Kanuka Tree is tall & straight, and has cream flowers that hang in a weepy habit. It dominates the Manuka in the bush, so you will often see the manuka on the roadsides with its white or pink flowers and is more craggy in habit.  The Kanuka is the mainstay of our native bushlands. 
We had an amazing flowering flush this last season, bringing in a great crop.  The Kanuka flowers just after the Manuka,  but often these honeys are intermingled on the frame, and have similar thixotropic (jelly) properties, though the nectar is bottle green and the wax an amazing limey green/yellow!
Word is out now on the health benefits of Kanuka Honey.  It has proven antimicrobial benefits, especially on the skin, being helpful for acne, eczema, rosacea and cold sore issues. Prescription medications designed to treat severe acne, or any skin condition, can have severe, dangerous side-effects – honey-based treatments are effective, gentle, and with no side affects
Still under research, is has also been noted for its benefits on gut health, and stimulating good bacteria health or probiotics, of the stomach, which has a benefit to total well-being and sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Kanuka isn’t well known yet, but it will be. As more doctors, hospitals, and consumers discover its effective, gentle healing properties, there will no doubt be an increase in demand for Kanuka products.  We are lucky to have it in abundance on our remote peninsular, just 50 mins north of Auckland CBD
Our Kanuka batches are Lab Tested, out of interest, and both have come up with a NPA of 4.2 (62 MGO)
The health benefits are not reflected in the price.  We supply this product as a good basic honey , with the added benefits of a medicinal superfood.

Kanuka 1kg
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Kanuka 1kg



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