Pohutukawa Honey

The Pohutukawa season is fairly brief, through December and into January. Once these red stunning blossoms bloom, the bees drop everything else.  The nectar is crystal clear and easily gathered.  The wax they make from it is pure white, so we can easily distinguish the pohutukawa frames.
It is impossible to get pure pohutukawa, as small amounts of other nectar's can be on the same frame, but we endeavour to teach our bees to be organised, and as I say at the market," the whiter the purer ".  We are really happy with this seasons batch, being whiter than last years..
The taste is delicate and salty sweet, almost buttery.  Children go crazy for it, being a mild lolly like honey..  I find it hard to believe nature can produce something so delectable as this!
All the Pohutukawa Honey is creamed.  Left to its own devices, it will set to a very big crystal, so the texture overshadows the flavour. The creaming process is simply adding a small amount of creamed honey to the fresh liquid honey, stirring it well, then leaving, so the finer crystal grows through the batch.. resulting in perfect pure smooth Pohutukawa Honey.


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